Automate contract calls

I have a use case where after cloning a contract I would need in m-time to do a function call, the task to be automated would be in the future. but only the function has to be called one time, does autotask, relayer fit for purpose in this use case?
I am writing a blog comparing different automation solutions.

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Hi @donoso_eth,

Autotasks can be triggered a number of different ways within Defender, but as of now, there is no way to schedule an execution at some particular future timestamp. Autotasks can be configured with a Webhook trigger, so there could be an external process that triggers it at a particular timestamp, but that will require extra configuration outside of Defender.

Dan McKeon

Thank you very much Dan for your answers, I have almost finished a post where I compare different on-chain automation solutions and defender (autotask is one of them), would you be interested in having a look and feed back is the comments are plausible?