Why PaymentSplitter is not available in version 4x?

I am using version 4x of OpenZeppelin. I need to use the PaymentSplitter for a task. But the problem is that it is available in version 2x. How can I use it?

Hey @_Khan36
if you don't find a contract in newer versions you can still use it copy pasting the code or importing using the github link

hey @FreezyEx thanks for your reply.

I am very much new to Solidity, can you please explain the procedure a bit more, how do I do it?

Just go here https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts/blob/master/contracts/finance/PaymentSplitter.sol
and copy the code that you need.
Btw if you are new to Solidity let me suggest to start form basics first with https://cryptozombies.io/

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@FreezyEx I really appreciate the link. Thanks

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PaymentSplitter is definitely available in 4.x. It just moved.

@frangio thanks I really appreciate it.