Payment splitter smart contract

Dear Support,

I'm using Remix IDE to deploy the above smart contract (that is Payment Splitter), as I know previously it does not have IERC20 but just ether in paymentsplitter.sol - why is it this smart contract has IERC20 included?

Do you have the old or previous version of the payment splitter without IERC20? As I just want the Ether Payment Splitter will do.

Also, while running this in Remix IDE, I do encounter some errors such as the following:

creation of PaymentSplitter errored: Error encoding arguments: Error: types/values length mismatch (count={"types":2,"values":3}, value={"types":["address","uint256"],"values":["",", 0x565A4e6960B58cde2B32276c74A8035E81a1C7d3","100"]}, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=abi/5.5.0)

creation of PaymentSplitter errored: Error encoding arguments: Error: expected array value (argument=null, value="[0xaa1C63a0AD6b47cCc6Ff5F7AD236fBF8Ac371770, 0x565A4e6960B58cde2B32276c74A8035E81a1C7d3]", code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=abi/5.5.0)

Based on the above errors, can I fill in the requirements such as "type" "values" before I compile?

My apology as I'm not an expert Coder, I remembered previously the older version of paymentsplitter.sol does not have this error, as I was able to compile and to filled up the Payees and Shares without any hassle - it just that the Gas Fee was extremely high back then when I use Remix IDE.

Looking forward to your response with guidance accordingly.


On Remix you should be able to use the old PaymentSplitter if you import from the version before ERC20 support was added:

import "@openzeppelin/contracts@4.3.3/finance/PaymentSplitter.sol";

Note the version @4.3.3.

However, the error you're showing is not because of the version. You're simply writing the arguments wrong. Try just writing the addresses separated by commas with no square brackets or quotes.

Hi @frangio - Thanks so much! Managed to find the PaymentSplitter.sol v4.3.3 code from this link -->

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thanks again! =)