Why did my minimum gas price increase? (Private GSN)

I am testing my own relayer on a private network, and I set the GAS_PRICE_PERCENT to 2, most of my tests pass with a 1.02 Gwei gas price (I am using 1 Gwei as the base gas price), but suddenly somehow I am getting an error:

requires a minimum gas price of 1040400000 which is over this transaction gas price (1020000000)

Did it just do a cumulative 2% on top of 2%? How would this occur? Did I miss something in the docs?

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Hi @ClarenceL,

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We believe that the relayer asks the node for the current gas price, but we don’t know how your private network sets the gas price.

Perhaps, if you are the only one sending transactions whatever you use as a gas price becomes the current gas price, and since GSN relayers use a higher-than-average price, that could cause the price to go up.

You may need to ask at https://github.com/opengsn/gsn