Error message from GSN Relayer

Hello again,

We are seeing this error message from time to time in the platform (sorry for the bad quality screenshot)

How can I query the minimum gas price of the relayer? Is GSN taking the value from our tx params (we are using ‘fast’ values from ethgasstation for gas price)

Our relay client config:

  txfee: 90,
  gasLimit: 500000

"@openzeppelin/network": "0.2.10"

Thanks guys

The /getaddr endpoint returns information about the relayer, including the current minimum gas price. For example, is now returning the following:

  "RelayServerAddress":  "0xf3f7e999fd26566fa02040d9cd6506ca83d7f9b3",
  "MinGasPrice": 1650000000,
  "Ready": true,
  "Version": "0.4.5-oz"

MinGasPrice is in wei, so the current minimum gas price is 1.65 Gwei. This seems to be in line with current ethgasstation prices:

The reason why relayers ask for a minimum gas price is because they want to be sure the transaction will go through soon, so that they can serve more requests.