What's your monitoring setup?

Hey all! I’m developing a lending protocol, and I’ve created various events that will be logged. What I’d like is to be able to to monitor these events, and pipe them into datadog for graphings, monitoring, and alerting. I would probably combine these with data from our front-end app. I’m just looking for input on best practices and helpful tools here. Here are a couple options I’d been thinking of…

  • Spin up an old-fashioned cloud server, monitor the blockchain and send the events to Datadog. I’m sure would work totally fine, though it also seems almost like overkill for just blockchain monitoring.
  • Use some service that can monitor events for me, and programattically either send them to Datadog for me, or at a minimum notify me via webhooks or something, so that I could setup a serverless function to pipe them to datadog. Quick googling did not reveal options that quite fit the bill, though I may have missed something. Eg. The Graph seems like it’s more for querying and less notification, and Alethio seems like it’s just for alerting, which isn’t quite what I want.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? What tools have you used? Ideally, I’d love specific answers here. (I used X running Y, and sent it to Z). Also, maybe I use a mix of tools. Maybe I can just use Dune Analytics for high level stuff, and Alethio for alerts, and Google Analytics for front-end. Either way, would love to hear what you’ve done!

Thanks! - Blake

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Hi @blakewest,

I have asked in Telegram if anyone in the community has any input on this.

You could look at Tenderly

:heart: the Goldfinch logo by the way.

Hey @blakewest! +1 to Andy’s answer from me - the Tenderly team is awesome! I’d also suggest you take a look at Splunk’s connector for Ethereum. I haven’t personally used it, but it may suit your needs.

Let us know what you end up using!

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Awesome y’all! Thanks for the tips. I’ll check these out and report back.

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Hi @blakewest,

Thanks, will be great if you can share with the community what you find. :pray:

Hey, yeah so small update here, I played around with Tenderly, and so far it seems awesome. Very full featured, and should work for us. The only real downside is the pricing, which is a lot for a team right now ($500/month). They have a much cheaper Dev plan at $80/month, but you can only have one collaborator. I emailed with the CEO, and he said they’re aware of this issue, and are likely to roll out per-person pricing for the team plan soon, which will be much cheaper (like $60/person/month), which is still a lot honestly. But yeah. Basically the product seems great, but pricing is pretty steep. I also didn’t see a ton of other solid options right now. But hopefully that changes soon as the space continues to grow.