What were the most interesting ERC20 tokens you've encountered?

What were the most interesting tokens you’ve encountered? For me it was the DFOhub BUIDL where it’s a token made out of 100 tokens where you vote if to replace a faulty token.
I found another interesting one, a dual token called Pizza/Rebase where if you buy high and sell low Pizza you get Rebase tokens and said tokens are of differing rarities/colors. However if you were to deploy Rebase on anything else but its main website the rarity % disappears.

MEME had a similar problem where you bought the rarer NFTs directly for a higher price rather than giving a 0.01% chance like Grap.Finance which copied SNX for the rarity chance.

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Hi @catmoot,

This idea by @onewayfunction to have a token with a starting balance for every account of 100

Also Flash Mintable Asset Backed tokens

Though I generally prefer NFTs: What is your favorite collectible?