What is the most popular and well supported web3 development stack in 2021?

What development stacks do the top web3 applications use these days? If a dev was starting a project from scratch, what would you recommend for a well-supported and scaleable framework?

Smart contract development and testing
Truffle and Ganache?
Remix IDE?

Node providers

Web3 β†’ JS
Typechain for TS bindings?

Front end frameworks

Wallet providers

Smart contract design patterns
Upgradeable proxy contracts?
Immutable contracts with fork migrations?

Rinkeby? Kovan? Ropsten?


Hi @izkp,

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You could look at npm downloads as an indication or stars for repositories.

Truffle and Hardhat are the most popular. I would suggest having a look at Hardhat and then deciding between the two.

I use Infura and Alchemy. Depending on your app you may need to use both to ensure availability.

I don’t do much, if any front end. ethers.js is popular, though I have a harder time finding the right documentation when I need it.

Upgradeable using OpenZeppelin Upgrades Plugins, except for simple contracts (e.g. fixed supply ERC20).

Goerli as it is a multi client testnet.

Though it depends on your use case. For NFTs, OpenSea supports Rinkeby. If you have a dependency on another project then you may need to use their preferred testnet.
Prior to deploying to production I would do manual tests on Ropsten (only proof of work testnet).

Also you can test against a fork of mainnet too.

I would also suggest checking out OpenZeppelin Defender. https://openzeppelin.com/defender
There is also a weekly webinar: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/8516110845373/WN_lZMCLrghTEaw5uNq8XaYoQ

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