What is in your smart contract development toolbox (recommendations appreciated)?

My toolbox:

Please add your toolbox or any recommendations


I need to play with @ajsantander's Pocketh

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A tool I wrote to help me with Ethereum interactions is Ethereal. Allows you to interact with different chains and do things like deploy contracts, transfer ERC-20 tokens, find out network parameters such as TPS and GPS, and lots of other things.


Thanks for sharing Ethereal @mcdee

Welcome to the community. If you have a moment it would be awesome if you could either Introduce yourself here! or let us know What are you working on? that would be great.

The tool box that I’ve used have evolved with time. Right now they are:

  • Remix
  • OpenZeppelin
  • Embark
  • Infura
  • Ganache
  • MetaMask
  • Node & npm
  • React app
  • MongoDB
  • VSCode
  • GitHub

I’ve left Truffle as I felt it needs more documentation & deployment automation. Hopefully they’ll get better soon.

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Thanks @RockmanR. If you haven't already, it might be worth giving the Truffle team that feedback.

I learnt to use Embark during the Developing Blockchain Applications course I did. I really like the easy test coverage report generation. Though I am much more comfortable with Truffle so have gone back to using Truffle.

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@abcoathup At first I was raising my concern about it in twitter, then one of the team (Nicholas) found out and asked me about the issues. My concerns were:

  1. Truffle is based on web3js and web3js documentation is almost unreadable (that was a year ago, not sure about now). So this will harm Truffle product unless truffle team contribute to improve web3js Docs.
  2. Truffle documentation needs updated, specially the truffle boxes/tutorials.

He was very collaborative and told me that they are already working on issue 1.


Great that they are working on the concerns you raised.

The quality of documentation (including keeping up to date) appears to be an ecosystem wide issue, I assume partly due to the nature of how quickly the tech stack is evolving. Though I believe documentation has improved massively.

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What about using ZOS? I’ve never really been a fan of the migrations so I enjoy ZOS for deployment much more. What do you like about Truffle besides comfort? (Curious!)

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I am new to ZeppelinOS. I was aware of it but hadn't played with it or used it in anger (deployed to mainnet). I am really enjoying learning ZeppelinOS.

That is a tough one. Comfort plays a big part. To learn to develop smart contracts, to test, and to deploy was such a hard won accomplishment (documentation was pretty thin in 2017) that it is hard to separate likes from the comfort. Comfort means that I can spin up a project and write some sample code and deploy locally and to public testnets very quickly and easily which is a huge plus.

My preference is to use a framework that is used by the majority of developers. I haven't seen any stats of Truffle vs Embark though.