What arguments to use in Merkletree verify function?

I'm trying to call the verify function from the MerkleTree contract. Through a server side api I managed to generate the proof and root values
proof = 0xa66f18a911c7216f4447d9d7323bc9859592b58fbcce0f9decfecd62ec98ca6f
root = 4e7deb04d1d53850d478c55bc6b763d94b9e537000586d0ae51ffefe84258b55

When I use these values in the verify function in MerkleTreeJS, it works. But verify from the MerkleTree contract accepts bytes32 and bytes32 as arguments.

How can i pass my values to these arguments?


I am looking for help on making a serverside api to manage my merkleTree - do you have any information on how you made yours?