Procedure for obtaining the bytes 32 proof


I would like to know how it is possible to find the 32 bytes proof of a contract to call the mint function of a nft. As you can see in the attached image, in addition to the amount in eth and the amount of nft to be minted, there is a string where you need to insert the proof byte32, can you tell me how I can find it?

Contract link:

It's array of bytes32 , merkle hash'es or proofs.
User needs to input merkle proofs. In the verify function, input array along with the hash of user address is fed to merkle tree verifier to check if merkle root is produced. If yes, then the user can mint nft along with other conditions satisfied.
The smart contract deployer would have already generated merkle tree and root hash with all eligible airdrop addresses off-chain. You need to look for that info and provide the proof as per your address.

thanks for the reply, for example: this is the creator of the contract, on which transaction can I find the merkle?

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The data will be off-chain. Is there a website , discord , telegram link etc for this project?

Yes, there is the website:
and twitter:
no discord