Wallet for ERC721 tokens

Hi! I was wondering what wallet can be used to see the ERC721 tokens you own. I think metamask doesn’t offer support yet for what I read here. Any ideas? I’m trying to pre mine a bunch of tokens on testnet and send them to some addresses. Those addresses should be able to see in their wallet how many NFT’s they own and even be able to transfer them to other approved addresses.


You can use OpenSea to view ERC721 tokens for any address.

My collection of ERC721:

On mobile you can use Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Dapp Pocket amongst others to view the ERC721 tokens you own.
Note: recommend doing your own research on a mobile app to trust to hold your keys (Disclosure: I am friends with some of the developers of these wallets) and only use keys controlling < $50 of value

For testnet usage, OpenSea supports Rinkeby as does Coinbase Wallet.


Thanks @abcoathup :slight_smile: I’ve been exploring OpenSea I think I’ll go for it, good to know we have mobile options too!


Hi @ianbrtt

I am passionate about ERC721 on mobile. (really anything blockchain on mobile :smile:)

I first make sure that the metadata displays on OpenSea and then check the various mobile apps.


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