Mint Gold Dust - [NFT] ERC 1155 Not Displaying In MetaMask Mobile App Wallet

In previous iterations of our build we were able to view erc-1155's minted via our platform from the MetaMask mobile application, however, now neither our NFT's or contract address are displaying in the MetaMask app -> wallet -> "NFTs" tab.

It is worthy to note that we do comply to the OpenSea standard and are identified on their platform here. Also, this issue was noticed within 24h of OpenSea implementation and we are not using ownable in our current iteration.

Any ideas?

ERC-1155 tokens are supported by MetaMask Mobile and Extension , meaning your wallet can receive and store assets aligned with this token standard.

Images associated with these assets are also visible in-app , and we are working on extending this functionality to the browser extension.

MetaMask does not yet support sending your ERC-1155 tokens, although we're working to implement this feature soon. In the meantime, we recommend you use a platform that supports ERC-1155 transfers, such as OpenSea.