How to view erc721 tokens with ganache or metamask?

Hi, I am trying to ensure I am following the right procedure. After deploying my ERC721 contract to truffle (which is setup with ganache as the network) I can see account[0]'s balance dropping as I deploy the contract and mint tokens. However, I do not see the tokens in either ganache or metamask. I do however see them when interacting with the ownerOf and balance functions in the truffle cli. Is there something I need to do to see them in either ganache or metamask?

Not sure that's possible, metamask doesn't allow you to see the NFTs in your wallet unlike something like Phantom wallet. Ganache just runs a local instance of the blockchain, if you want to see what exists on the blockchain, you need to interact with it with ethers, web3js etc. and query the contract to see it.

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Are you also connecting MetaMask to your local Ganache network?