Verify Creator

Hi! I’m working on pinning down the right place to get the right information for my NFT dApp project.

Is there a best practice (if any) to verify who created a specific ERC721 token? As in, the wallet address that minted It, not the contract address. I know I can get the owner of the token, but getting the creator would be nice!

Hi colin, welcome to Open Zeppelin.

I would track this in metadata, or use Events.

You can also tell when something was minted by a transaction. If you have a front end keeping up with transactions that happen can achieve what you want.

Personally I think the best practice would be to put the creator (minter) of the NFT into the metadata of the NFT. When it changes hands, update the metadata by added the new owner. You could track historical ownership this way as well.

Second best would be to make a function to keep up with this in your NFT contract. Then anyone can call it to see who the original creator of an NFT is.

You may want to ask the experts over at Open Sea what they think would be the best way to do this.

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Thank you! That does seem like the most viable option. I’ll have to look further into ways to keep up with transactions. I’m still fighting against the learning curve so that may have to be a stretch goal, but I appreciate your input!