How authorship is set on NFTs?

Hello there, my name is Marlus, I'm a designer and creative coder from Brazil, doing my first baby steps in Solidity programming.

I have a question about authorship in NFTs.

I've deployed my first contract in Polygon Network using OpenZeppelin and Remix (injected web3).

I've created an API that generates a unique SVG string for each token. You can visit the collection at

The problem: OpenSea is not displaying my address as the creator/author of the token, in the description.

Did I miss something in the code?

Don't know if there is a method to specify the author/creator of the token, or it's because of some different aspect of Polygon Network. A friend said that the problem could be the fact that I've deployed using Remix and not Truffle, but I really don't know.

Thanks in advance for your help, I will appreciate any suggestion on opensource ERC721 contracts that I can use as a base for my next projects.