How do you know which NFT is the "original"?

Is there a way to prevent minting the same asset multiple times? Also, if there are multiple NFTs minted for a particular asset, how do you know which one is the “original”? Is this by just finding the NFT token with the smallest id that was associated with the particular asset (that seems a bit convoluted)?

Sorry, I am not sure what do you mean, generally speaking, every NFT is different, maybe they have the same image, but they have different token id.

Original? Maybe you can have a look at the transaction, which one was confirmed first, and that is the first one.

I understand that every NFT has like its uniqueness through id and what not, but let’s say an artist puts their artwork on a token for a particular NFT. What stops someone from copying the art with the same pixel and re-minting it? Also, is there a simple way in code to find the “original”, to find the one confirmed first?

For example: I create a NFT, and then someone else creates the same NFT, although it has the same picture and token id as mine, they have different contract address, so only from my contract, it is the original token.

How do you confirm that yours is the original token? Is there some way to check that yours was minted earlier? Like a lesser id value?

I think for me, contract address is enough, but for you, maybe the timestamp when did this NFT create.

Assume I am an artist, I made a NFT for my artworks, you made same like me, but you can only buy my NFT from my contract address, it is Skyge’s artworks, if someone buy the same artworks from your contract, it is Kevin’s. So I think for the single artist, when sells their artworks, he/she needs to declare the only valid contract address. Of course, we should also sure the artist is the artist.

That makes sense when you make your own token, but what about when you mint with some marketplace. For example, with Foundation, they have over 60000 NFTs. What if someone mints the same thing with their token/contract?