UUPS Upgradeable

After deploying the UUPS Upgradeable contract in:
20. proxiableUUID: returns the information: execution reverted: UUPSUpgradeable: must not be called through delegatecall.

Both in testnet/remix and localhost. Is this something I should be concerned about ? After verifying the contract as well as the upgrade are working fine.

I'm not sure if this is useful, but such information is returned only in the case of proxy contract, not implementation.

Hey @kapitankot, the error corresponds with a message in OpenZeppelin contracts for the proxiableUUID function., which includes a notDelegated modifer. You'll find the details over there.

I'm closing (since I moved it to the upgrades support and more details are needed), but feel free to repone with a code example so it's easier for us to know how to interpret the question.