Using @openzeppelin/network on React Native with GSN

Hi everybody,

I’m currently developing a mobile app (both Android and iOS) and I wanted to integrate the ‘@openzepplin/network’ library in my React Native (Expo-powered) application.

I’m having some issues with Node-relative libraries (like ‘crypto’): has anybody struggled with that or knows what can I do to integrate the GSN in my React Native application?

Thank you very much,


Hi @paolo.rollo,

I’m not sure what is the current best option for web3 on React Native (especially Expo based). Would be interested to hear from the community on this.

I had a play with React Native (Expo) using web3 over a year ago and managed to get a boiler plate setup, though ran in to lots of brick walls.

@abcoathup currently I’m using ethers to handle Blockchain interactions, but I don’t know how to really use it to interact with a GSN contract (GSNRecipient with signing check)… any ideas?

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Hi @paolo.rollo,

Both OpenZeppelin Network JS and OpenZeppelin GSN Provider are built on top of web3.js, rather than ethers.js.

I suggest asking in the GSN support telegram to see if they can help: