Using defender as a frotnend for normie clients

Hi all,
I have been looking for a general purpose smart cotnract frontend so my clients can interact with contracts. I know defender is meant for teams, but if some of my funcitons dont require a multisig, could my clients create proposals for themselves to sign, interacting with lets say approve() and depositERC20() functions?

Hey @njj10! While you can create new proposals that don’t require a multisig to execute, you still need a Defender account to create a proposal and interact with it. Defender is meant to be used by your team, not to create an account for each of your users.

It’d seem like may be better suited for what you’re looking for!

Thank you! I love everything you guys do for the space.

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Thanks for the kind words! But just to be clear: oneclickdapp is unrelated to OpenZeppelin, it’s built by