Using a JS NFT builder to deploy ERC721 to OpenSea

Hello everyone, I hope I am posting this to the appropriate forum.

I am new to coding in general, but with the amount of time on my hands, i've dedicated an immense amount to learning this amazing process.

After fumbling about for a couple of weeks, I have created an index.js (I hope thats how you reference it) that creates a randomized NFT based on a set of layers. Think Pudgy Penguins etc.

I have spent about 25 hours searching forums, youtube, reddit and other valuable tutorials to no avail.

I am wanting to know how I can deploy an erc721 to opensea which utilizes my JS randomizer script. Again, I am very green at this, and apologize if my wording/phrasing is off.

Can anyone point me in a starting point direction?

I never want any of this work done for me, I only want to learn and gain the knowledge to create this myself. I sincerely appreciate any input from this amazing community!

Can you clarify that your JavaScript file only generates images? You should run your script to generate all those files, store them in a directory, and then proceed to working on the NFT contract.

I would recommend getting started using our Contracts Wizard.

Since you seem to be early in your learning process, do lots of testing with fake money before you deploy anything on chain. Mistakes can cost you a lot of money.