Creating a ERC-721 (or ERC-1155) pre-sale contract gas free for OpenSea

Hi! I’m planning to create ~10,000 NFTs for my project to list on OpenSea.

I believe that OpenSea allows you to create pre-sale contracts for no gas if you use their Collection Manager. This would be great, but because of the quantity I’m making it would be extremely time consuming to do it all on their site.

I’m trying to use OpenZeppelin to create batches of NFTs that I can post on OpenSea, but now I’m coming across the problem of gas. Is it possible to employ the same method OpenSea uses for their pre-sale contracts by using OpenZeppelin or OpenSea SDK or anything like that?

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Hi @orr,

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I suggest joining the OpenSea Discord (link on their website: and asking them for what they recommend. The team are great.

I am not sure how they implement their gasless collections and if there is an API you can use to create programmatically.