Use relayer in develop stage

My question: "How to use defender in a developemnt stage (i.e. HardHat, Ganache). Do I need to mock a defender and migrate latter to a real one"?

I am considering to implement a relayer for a platform that securitisizes loans on the blockchain. As we found that users had hard times when dealing with metamask we are going to implement a relay to abstract that complexity.

I reviewed the documentation but I didn't found a way to code in development without consuming the real service. is that correct? I have the idea of mocking up the defender to connect them on a preprod stage and test everything.

Although it does not seems to be the most comfortable way to do that.

Any advice idea on how to move on will be appreciated.

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Hi @David_Andres_Cervi -

Unfortunately Relayers are not usable in the local environment. We do support many test networks and that is typically where users will test Relayer implementations before it is released to production.

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