Mock relayer on development

I am begining to move some features of my project to OZ Relayer to implement gassless transactions.
As I reviewed the workshop I understand the overall functioning of the RL, but is not clear for me how I should work on my local testnet, to mock relayer functionalities. Is there any guide to assess that?
If not i am considering to develop working on a testnet but does not seems to be a practical answer.
Thans and best regards,


Hi @David_Andres_Cervi ,

Unfortunately Relayers are only usable on Defender supported networks and are not compatible with local testnets at this time.

Thanks dan for that quick answer. following your answer, wich are the approaches that people takes during deveolpment? use any of available testnet "as it is" a local tesnet? any of those are best suitted int that case (i.e. i was thinking on polka)? my biggest concern is to get enought fake gas to develop and drive tests.

If the goal is to test Defender infrastructure, the best approach would be to use one of our supported testnets. Getting testnet funds can be a pain point on some networks. Goerli has been the biggest problem. There does exist a bridge where you can bridge mainnet ETH to testnet Goerli ETH. Though it has been controversial (due to testnet ETH costing real $), it is an easy way to get funds and it does not ultimately cost that much if the goal is just to cover gas costs.