Unsuccessful experience of using Openzeppelin contracts after NPM installed them

I am using a Mac OS. I have tried to install globally OpenZeppelin contracts a couple of times, but afterward, nothing is added to my node_modules. Even I cannot access the intended contracts on Remix.org
Could anyone help me with the proper way of installing OpenZeppelin contracts whether there is any tricky part to implement those on Remix?
I have read multiple places that OpenZeppeling should be installed on the node_modules of each system In order to be implemented. This is getting me nervous that i cannot use them in Remix. Although i have reviewed the instruction within the original documentation, my case were not found among other cases.
Successful installment of the package via NPM in terminal, still no access to the contracts

What command are you using? A global npm install will not add anything to node_modules.

For use with Remix, you may have a smoother experience using Contracts Wizard.