Not able to integrate Openzeppelin with my VScode

I am following the “build an ERC-4907 rentable NFT”

I have typed “Npm i @openzeppelin/contracts” in my terminal on VS code and it’s failing to integrate it with my code, I don’t know why, I have followed everything in the tutorial.

Hey Mufasa,

Welcome to the community!

I think even though you have the warnings, the package still got installed.
Can you check for a folder named node_modules and check inside whether you see the folder called @openzeppelin?

Na there’s no node_modules in my vs code.

In the tutorial at 23:00 mins i her download and she gets 0 vulnerabilities & is able to install the node_modules package.

This is the result I get.

please can you doublecheck you are in the right folder?

I’m definitely in the right folder brother, but I don’t see it

can you please share a screenshot of the folder, not from vscode