[Beginner] Can't install OpenZeppelin Contracts (strange files generated in node_module)?

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie trying to learn how to write a Smart Contract and make my own Dapp. As a beginner, I am not sure about a few steps to install and implement OpenZeppelin

  1. If I have install OpenZeppelin once, save the node_modules file and use it in my current project, but I also want to use this node_modules in another project, so do I have to install openzeppelin again in my new project? Or do I have to copy the node_modules folder into my new project?

  2. I try to re-install openzeppelin many times to change the version, but it keeps generating many strange file into my node_modulesm, and now I just don’t know what to do TvT If try to install the openzepplin in a totally blank folder, everything looks normal, but once I install it inside my project, everything just such a mess :((

*This is my node_modules

*This is my project

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I think you had better install again in the new projects, I think it is risky to have multiple projects sharing a single dependencies file system, and as a general practice for deployments, there is also a preference for full isolation between environments.

Because many of the packages at the bottom have slightly more complex dependencies, and those dependencies are not simply A on B and B on C, but A (V1.0.0) on B (v2.1.0beta), and B on some other specific version of the package. This is not uncommon. So just like I said above, you had better re-install dependencies in every new projects.


Hi @anhskrttt,

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Adding to @skyge’s answer.

I suggest going through OpenZeppelin Learn guides to create a simple project to start with: https://docs.openzeppelin.com/learn/setting-up-a-node-project