Understanding token swap transactions

I removed liquidity ( DAI/ETH0 from Sushiswap. Then, using Metamask, It gave me many prices / exchanges , I chose one of them and I swapped the tokens , confirmed the two transactions , and suddenly these two weird things happened:

  • I received zero Eth
    -Theere were few transactions whithin the same contract and the final destination was my Binance Eth address.

I have tried everything and even hired two people to look into it but they could not figure out anything.
This is the Transaction Hash 0x92a6458bd244e97471d63f35e4e3b90bc712d7102db459965952c9ff1f94c114

Please help. Thank you

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Hey, I am sorry to hear that.
According to this transaction hash https://etherscan.io/tx/0xffa039f1c8308ce875b328dc49fd28afb7ad17a372b17a90413d7ab8c71ac25, it seems like you added about 1,287 DAI and 0.96 Ether at first, and I think you added these liquidity by actual the sushi swap web page, so you got about 29 LP share, generally speaking, when you want to get back your original liquidity, you should call removeLiquidity at the sushi swap web page, but it seems like you called approve (https://etherscan.io/tx/0x6e0a579d39830f9f4dc809eff28bd9ef0e197a1fee0a1491c3871d82dd083fc9) for trading on Metamask: Swap Router, and then you called swap (https://etherscan.io/tx/0x92a6458bd244e97471d63f35e4e3b90bc712d7102db459965952c9ff1f94c114) to swap 29 SLP to get 0.000000000004454353 Ether, and the interesting thing is that at the same block, there is another transaction: (https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf10a8c22a4187f33a965613825575d8d135bdcca43ea9036630b025c7f574ced/), it uses little eth to swap to get this LP share, and then call removeLiquidity to get dai and eth, then swaped dai to eth, then transferred eth to this contract: 0x0000000000007f150bd6f54c40a34d7c3d5e9f56, I am a little interested in this contract, it has lots of money and this contract was destroyed once and redeployed.
@abcoathup What do you think of this?

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Help me get my money back and you get 30%. I always keep my word. The two gentlemen who tried to help but could not deliver results can prove that. I can give you their usernames on metamask and you can ask them yourself.

So the contract was selfdestructed and then replaced (but prior to these transactions)?
So I assume this was done using CREATE2.

Can you help me out?

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Hi @Taf1000,

I am sorry, unpicking these type of swap transactions is not something I have expertise in, so not something I can help with.

I lose ! BNB today! husauhasuh I’m so nervous…