Unable to update autotask code in defender

After creating a new autotask, I am able to edit the code and save only one time. If I try to update the autotask again later, the following error is thrown:

Defender is not able to process changes to autotasks right now.

Error: data.trigger.frequencyMinutes should be integer, data.trigger.cron should be string

I have tried deleting browser cache, local storage, cookies, logging out / in, deleting the autotask, recreating new autotasks. The result is the same every time. Please advise.

Hey @26A0D355-AA5F-4621-8, I can confirm the issue. Working on a fix now!

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@26A0D355-AA5F-4621-8 can you refresh the site and try again please?

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It works now :slight_smile:

Thank you so much.

Thanks for the confirmation, and apologies for the disruption!