Update Sentinel with custom body message

Hey OZ team & community!

I'm trying to use the sentinel client (defender-sentinel-client) to update one of my sentinels from my own repository, and I'm trying to customize the notification body. If I understood correctly, I'm supposed to set messageBody, under the notifyConfig property.

The problem is that when I trigger the update, I check Defender and the default has been set:

**Defender Sentinel {{ sentinel.name }} Triggered**


{{ sentinel.network }}

**Block Hash**

{{ blockHash }}

**Transaction Hash**

{{ transaction.transactionHash }}

**Transaction Link**

[Block Explorer]({{ transaction.link }})

{{ matchReasonsFormatted }}

Am I doing something wrong? Is there anything else I should be doing?


Hey @NChamo, thanks for reporting!

I investigated the issue and it's a problem on our client package.

For historical reasons, the client has been ignoring the notifyConfig property, and instead, it's been supporting top-level replacement properties (such as alertTimeoutMs for notifyConfig.timeoutMs).

I sent a PR to our client adding a new property alertMessageBody and it'll be out on the next release (once merge): https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/defender-client/pull/122

In the meanwhile, you can reference the branch, build it on your own and link it to your project.

Hope that helps!

Great, thank you so much for the quick response :pray:

I'll reference the branch for now, until the change is released

Thanks again!

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