Trying out DApps on Testnet

Hi all

I want to try out some smart contracts and DApps on testnet, which are already live on mainnet … can I use any testnet? And how do I get the faucets, it seems like for Kovan it’s sort of impossible…



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If you want to test a dapp, you can ask the dapp team for help, and I ever tested the Compound on the kovan, just connect by the metamask with the kovan network, and such as usdt, after you enable it as the conllateral, you will find the faucet button.

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Do not really know how to access the faucet button on compound, I have no test eth, I probably need at least 1 ETH, right?

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If you do not have test ETH, so you can not enable it, so you would not find the faucet button.

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Hi @Cryptorookie,

Some dapps may support one testnet. Each public testnet generally has one or more faucets, though they may not always work.

As @Skyge said, if you want to try a specific dapp, get in contact with the team for instructions on how to use it and which testnets are supported.

If you need test Ether for a specific testnet, please specify which testnet and someone in the community can advise a working faucet.