Goerli Testnet faucets!

It can be hard to come across working testnet faucets, so I'm maintaining a list of the best working ones available. If you come across another good faucet (especially one that does not require authentication) please feel free to add it to the list here.

Alchemy Goerli faucet
Goerli Authenticated faucet
Paradigm Goerli Authenticated faucet


Check out the post here for Rinkeby testnet faucets.

For those who use Hardhat, one other option for development that I will include here is to fork mainnet and work locally. This opens up a whole other exciting can of worms since you get to interact with mainnet transactions without spending any real ETH. Hardhat has a great reference for this here:

Most likely, you will want to "pin" to a given block number. That way, you are able to ensure that the state of the blockchain will not change and break the behavior of your tests.

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I've developed a proof of work based faucet which is available for goerli:

I know this extra work is annoying, but it's hopefully working better against these faucet bots, is free and doesn't require authentication.


My laptop sounds like a helicopter. :cowboy_hat_face: I'm worrying that before I get 1 goerli eth it will fly me to the moon.

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This is very helpful. Thanks so much

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you sir, are a genius

Bro your work of faucet mining is just amazing and wonderful creation. I like the attitude of helping people but this work is so innovative that we can actually mine instead of opening links just to find the one that works, Means alot and working to see more from you : )