Truffle uses default compiler version

Thanks Andrew! I created another Gnosis Multisig so i am prepared and ready to go with that…I am not sure what is going on with Truffle but somehow a solc 5.16 escripten version became attached to it and I am having a very difficult time getting truffle to reset solidity to something other then the 5.16…I’ve even installed solc 7.6 in the projects node bin and truffle still is doing what it wants to do…I’ve cleaned all nvm node versions or at least I thought so, i reformatted the truffle config file several times, turned off solidity through vs code…checked every package.json file and cannot figure out where this soliditiy - that ive never needed at anypoint in this process - where and how it got on my machine…any ideas other then restarting from scratch yet again with truffle?

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Hi @rmourey26,

Sorry for the delay in responding, I was on vacation for the holidays.

I assume that you don’t have the Solidity version configured in the truffle-config.js. See: