Trouble with O3 token

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Good evening community. I make a query to see if anyone knows the solution. I made an exchange of a tolken (O3 for BUSD) in pancakeswap, but something went wrong. Although it was confirmed in the first instance, I noticed that in my wallet I had no BUSD and that even the tolken O3 was still there with its monetary units. From that moment on I cannot exchange the tolken for any other currency. It is as if it had been corrupted and in all the exchanges I get an error or failure in the swamp… So it’s like having it in the wallet, see it, but have it unusable because I can not do anything with it. Does anyone know if there is a solution that can guide me? I was watching some tutorials on how to apply within binances transaction scan but the truth is that what the tutorial shows is not what appears to me.
would like to know if my money is still there or I should give up to get it back.
Im brand new in crypto ecosistem so my knowledges are limitated in programming

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Hi, welcome! :wave:

Emmmm ,it seems like you encountered two questions, one is you can not call the claim() function and the other one is you can not swap on the pancake.

I think for the first question, it seems like you passed a wrong parameter. When you call claim(), it needs a parameter token address, I think for this token, it should be supported in the O3 token system, and you can use this function getUnlockFactor() to have a check before calling claim(). Ideally, it should return a non-zero value when you pass a token address.

And for the second error, I am not sure, maybe you can use a larger slippage to have a try, but you will lose some money with a large slippage, so be careful.

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Txs for your answer skyge!.
Let me see if I understand correctly. before claim it I should check in setunlockfactor , write de token address and then fill in the factor? (wich dont know what it is…what should I put there?) and after doind that i could claim it?.
This are the print screen ive got

any idea to keep it back? or I shoud give up?

I think you do not have permission to call function setUnlockFactor(), this function has a modifier onlyOwner to set permission, so are you the owner of this contract?

And does it has the front-end? Then you do not need to pass parameter by yourself.

Depends on you, at least I think, there are always more solutions than difficulties.

No im not the owner.
I dont know what is this “And does it has the front-end?” I would like to learn how to resolve this problem but i guess my knowledge are limitated for this tech. Any suggest where i can learn about this?

If you are not the owner, you can not call this function setUnlockFactor

Emmmm, it seems like you want to claim, so you must have stake, so do all users stake token by the etherscan? I think impossible, it is not convenience, so I said at least there should be a website.

Is this one? O3swap

yes it is but i also tried to swamp there and was imposible too