Transactions are not getting mined

All transactions are getting stuck in the relayer, after a long period, they fail with a message that we don't have sufficient funds

:computer: Environment
Using the Relayer

We have this server which uses pubsub to do some operations on chain, an event happens and we publish a message and then process the message inside a pubsub handler, we're using defender to send our transactions through our relayer, but all the transactions are getting stuck, after a long waiting period, I guess its the validUntil time, the transactions fail with a message like this: message: 'Insufficient funds: yyyy ETH required but -xxxx ETH are available.' it's a 400 bad request, I thought that the relayer is supposed to have the balance to pay for transactions, and we do have, in fact, this -xxxx is not our balance at all, so I don't know what is going on. Seems like the relayer can't get the transactions mined for some reason, and keep trying until validUntil expires, then it fails.

I can list all the pending transactions and see the from address, I can see that there is sufficient ether there, this from should be the relayer address

:1234: Code to reproduce


Hi @Paulo_Marcio, we'll probably have to purge your relayer transactions to get it unstuck, please contact us at so we can coordinate.

Okay, we'll get in touch as soon as possible, thanks for answering