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ompiler debug log:
Error! Unable to generate Contract Bytecode and ABI
Found the following ContractName(s) in source code : AccessControl, Context, ERC165, ERC20, ERC20Burnable, IAccessControl, IERC1155Errors, IERC165, IERC20, IERC20Errors, IERC20Metadata, IERC721Errors, SuperMario
But we were unable to locate a matching bytecode (err_code_2)

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
// Compatible with OpenZeppelin Contracts ^5.0.0
pragma solidity ^0.8.20;

import "@openzeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20/ERC20.sol";
import "@openzeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20/extensions/ERC20Burnable.sol";
import "@openzeppelin/contracts/access/AccessControl.sol";

contract SuperMario is ERC20, ERC20Burnable, AccessControl {
    bytes32 public constant MINTER_ROLE = keccak256("MINTER_ROLE");

    constructor(address defaultAdmin, address minter) ERC20("Super Mario", "SM") {
        _mint(msg.sender, 7000000000000 * 10 ** decimals());
        _grantRole(DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE, defaultAdmin);
        _grantRole(MINTER_ROLE, minter);

    function mint(address to, uint256 amount) public onlyRole(MINTER_ROLE) {
        _mint(to, amount);
}**strong text**

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