The Motorbike Level: Appreciation on Turning a Vulnerability into an Education Resource

I really respect how the OpenZeppelin team took the time to create a wargame level after:

  1. Receiving and analyzing the UUPS vulnerability report from an external source
  2. Mitigating the fallout to users by sending initialize() transactions to implementation contracts
  3. Writing a detailed security advisory and post mortem
  4. Improving documentation and tooling to minimize the chance of similar exploits further

I've handled security exploits and mitigation before. The work and stress make it hard enough to hold a good "Lessons Learned" session in the original dev team afterward. Creating a public war game level to educate developers in the whole ecosystem shows real dedication.

My regret as a lover of Ethernaut challenges is that I happened to be using UUPS and thus have read the vulnerability description immediately when I noticed it. I was robbed of the joy of coming up with the exploit for the Motorbike level because I just implemented the recommended mitigation for work :joy:.