Task failures: failed to meet quorum

It seems that tasks are failing fairly often for {“errorType”:“Error”,“errorMessage”:"failed to meet quorum
Is this to be expected or can some things be tweaked?


Hi @katmai,

I’m sorry that you have this issue. Is this coming from the example Keeper Autotask?

yes, the one that is in the tutorial.


Hey @katmai! Thank you for trying Defender. I assume you use getDefaultProvider from ethers.js. Its API is rate limited. If you want to have a reliable API calls to Ethereum consider getting API keys from Infura or Alchemy.
I’ve posted an example how you can use only Infura with its API keys. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions left.


Also, we are working hard on providing a way to query the Ethereum blockchain using Defender so shortly there will be no need to include Infura or any keys in autotasks code.

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