Request-Rate Exceeded

can anyone help us?
And the autotask does not work for 6 hours… (with this error : “Request-Rate Exceeded”

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Can you share the full error? Is it failing consistently, or only once every few runs? It's possible that it's related to the usage of ethers.js shared API keys: If so, we are working on providing direct query access to the network.


No, **

it no longer runs automatically

** and when run it manually gets error with this text :

2020-11-06T09:49:36.033Z	AUTOTASK START
2020-11-06T09:49:40.341Z	INFO	========= NOTICE =========
2020-11-06T09:49:40.341Z	INFO	Request-Rate Exceeded  (this message will not be repeated)
2020-11-06T09:49:40.341Z	INFO	
2020-11-06T09:49:40.341Z	INFO	The default API keys for each service are provided as a highly-throttled,
2020-11-06T09:49:40.341Z	INFO	community resource for low-traffic projects and early prototyping.
2020-11-06T09:49:40.341Z	INFO	
2020-11-06T09:49:40.341Z	INFO	While your application will continue to function, we highly recommended
2020-11-06T09:49:40.341Z	INFO	signing up for your own API keys to improve performance, increase your
2020-11-06T09:49:40.341Z	INFO	request rate/limit and enable other perks, such as metrics and advanced APIs.
2020-11-06T09:49:40.342Z	INFO	
2020-11-06T09:49:40.342Z	INFO	For more details:
2020-11-06T09:49:40.342Z	INFO	==========================
2020-11-06T09:49:40.929Z	INFO	Waiting 212104 seconds until activation is available
2020-11-06T09:49:40.931Z	AUTOTASK COMPLETE 
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and there is few runs with pending status

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@spalladino I got the same error since this morning

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This error is related to ethers.js throttling your queries. You can refer to for more info on why it happens and how to fix it by providing your own Infura/Alchemy/Etherscan API keys. However, if you are unsure how to do it or have no experience in javascript, we are working in a way to solve that automatically for you in autotasks. We expect to have something ready for next week.