Smart contract to mimic investment shares

Hi guys, I'm a noob to coding and what I'm trying to do may way out of my league, but hopefully I can find someone here who can help me out in anyway. I'm hoping to build a market place with financial contracts that allows enthusiasts to invest in certain artworks. This financial contract acts like a company share, except its a share in an artwork. For example, an artist wants to get investment so they can produce "artwork 1". This artist issues out four equal shares, with each share denominated by a token - let's just call it "share token". Investors buy these share tokens, thus funding the artist. The artist cannot access the investor's payments until the required amount is fully funded, and if it is not fully funded by a certain date, the invested amount will be returned to investors. The share token stipulates how much investors should be rewarded (Eg. reward each investor with X polygons each unit of sale as at "contract date"). The artist then commercializes/ sells Artwork 1 in some manner. On the contract date, the artist will voluntarily declare on a website that I intend to build, the total number of sales and the amount of reward due to investors. The artist will pay the required amount out of their wallet directly into the wallets of the investors, and upon receiving confirmation, this confirmation will be sent to the smart contract to close off the contract.

I know this is pretty complicated and I'm pretty flexible as to how to build it out/ omit some features. I'm not expecting to figure out how to build this, but I'm hoping to build some discussion around it. I've heard about fractional nfts that use a combo of ERC20 and ERC721, not sure if it's helpful here. If there's some template written somewhere already, that would be even better. Looking forward to your thoughts!