Sentinel intermittently Firing Custom Webhooks

I am using Sentinel to fire a custom webhook and this seems to be working fine, however as activity picks up it appears to fire for every single even that happens on the blockchain I am looking for and intermittently fires

If I send a test message it works fine, and on occasion, the webhook arrives as expected but recently I noticed if I start firing the events I am looking for they don't show up on the servers' receiving end (CloudFlare Worker). However if I immediately send a test message it once again works fine so I know its not CloudFlare worker blocking anything or missing anything.

Are there rate limits on Sentinel?

Here is my notification throttling in case anything is messed up: (everytime the event is fired on the blockchain I want to receive it, but only once, don't repeat the "same" transaction alert)

Let me know if you need any additional information

I did notice, we have a way to fire events back to back on behalf of the user and if this is triggered only one of the events are caught by Sentinel and the others are missed.

Any reason each event could not be captured even if they are fired back to back?