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Hello, I’m experimenting with a Safemoon contract. When I create the token, only callback appears. When I check the bscan, the token name supply does not appear. I could not create a uniswap router v2 address. How can I create a uniswapv2 address? What is the problem?

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Hi @maykjack please use the search bar to search for cloning a SafeMoon contract. There are too many similar topics.

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Hi I got a problem when I fork the safemoon token
read contract :Sorry, we were unable to retrieve a valid Contract ABI for this contract.
Unable to read contract information
write contract :Sorry, no public Write functions were found for this contract.

I copyed the contract

Who had a problem with the dog coin fork (safemoon copy) and the LP remove => confirm button not working, help solve the problem with my contract.

PS: I accidentally figured it out and pulled out the liquidity. I set setMaxTxpercent to 0 and changed bnb to wbnb in the get liquidity window (maybe that helped).

Terrible experience, I don’t recommend to copy and deploy contracts to people who can’t read and write code (people like me). Do what you do best. Good luck everyone.

Actually you deployed the wrong contract

How to fix?

Need help

Just change contract on deploy section

Please look at the topic

It’s either SwapAndLiquify needs to be set to False or MaxTxPercent needs to be set to 100.

If you have rejected ownership then you likely cannot get the liquidity back.

Hello, where can I find a guide to fork the safemoon please? I’ve tried twice and lost $ 100 twice … I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong!

I did my research in every website to get the coding of Safemoon and the answer was simple, NO ONE is willing to show the real coding behind, its not only copypaste Safemoon.sol is way more coding to get all set.
Some guys charge for telling that type of information… No one is telling for free because everyone want to make easy money.
There are websites when you can create token like Safemoon for 500 dollars (too much money).

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Which contsct should we deploy out of the list?

Please do not copy Safemoon. You will be doing yourself a disservice by trying to copy and paste someone else. If you really want to learn, start with the basics, build up to something like Safemoon. Understand how the RFI tax and the LIQ tax work. Take it one part at a time.

Follow this tutorial, even if you don’t understand it 100% it will get you up and running with some basics:

Learning resources: