Safemoon Fork - Understanding Reward exclusions

I’m trying to understand the setup of exclusion of the rewards to ensure max rewards goes to holders.
Few quick questions, i’ve looked at other forks and dont quite understand why others have not excluded rewards for Burnwallet, Contract, and Dev/Marketing wallet etc.

  • Is this just an oversight?
    Is it best practice to remove rewards from the Burn Contract, Dev Wallet etc?

Many thanks I’ve learned so much from all of you.

That’s exactly what I did in my safemoon rewrite -

Safemoon claims not to have excluded the burn address because they wanna keep “burning” tokens. I think that’s a total bs (like at least a few other safemoon “features”). If you wanna burn a % of tx just add a burn “fee”.

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thanks @0f0crypto
that’s my thoughts exactly. What is worse is that 80% of the forks all do this and at the end its the token holders that get punished. Especially when a large % of the holdings if from the burn address.

Had a look at your code, props on that… I had a good giggle at your examples of different burn addresses.

Did you also exclude the liquidity pool from rewards?

Just want to make sure there isn’t a valid reason why you should do so (and seeing nearly everyone do it)

Yeah the pair (which holds the tokens for trading/swapping) is excluded from rewards (see the SafeToken constructor)

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Got it, appreciate the assistance.

Generally in these safemoon contracts, is it good practice to exclude the liquidity pair from reflections?
Wouldn't keeping it "included" cause fuckups with how price is calculated on the DEX, through constant_product(k) ?