Help! Forked-Clone created presale contract as "IncludeInRewards" .. Funds are being drained from everyones account

:computer: Environment
Binance Smart Chain

We have a BEP20 fork of Elongate and we had a successful presale where we raised 600 BNB. Shortly after, the presale began to accept people withdrawing their tokens (claiming), the liquidity was locked, and trading on PCS began…

Now, people started to notice that their tokens were being “eaten” up and randomly bleeding from their balance. All fees, etc, are set to 0. SwapAndLiquifiy is set to false. The token contract is ExcludedFromFree has the presale contract EXCLUDED. This completely breaks the token contract functionality, and the only time it works is if the presale contract is INCLUDED/Fee in the reward. I have absolutely no idea why, or how this is possible. Again, this is a fully live token with community support. Currently trading/swapping is disabled/broken due to the “ExcludedFromFee” bit… But again, if it’s enabled it resumes but unclaimed token balances begin to bleed.

Any help would be seriously, greatly appreciated and I really really need some answers. To me this doesn’t feel safe to continue with strange bugs / events happening like this.

:1234: Code to reproduce (Token contract)

Presale contract: