Ronin wallet Being compromised

I want to format or configure my ronin wallet in a way that if any ETH comes into the address, it will automatically be sent to another address.

I have the feeling that my private key is being compromised, and I used the address as payment address for a website and I can't easily change to another address, so I need a way to automate any payment that comes in to that wallet to another address fast.

I've googled to the ends of the earth and haven't seen any tutorial on this. I saw something about using web3js to watch address and forward any incoming eth fast to another address as soon as it enters with a script, but the person didn't say how to do this.

If your private key is compromised the best thing to do is to use a new address, because

even if you have a automated process to forward funds from your compromised address to your new address, the person that compromised your address can also do the same thing and if his bot is faster then yours, you funds will be lost.

Maybe with gelato network bot such a process can be automated:

How to create a bot on ronin wallets because i have pending to claimed my slp on axie marketplace can u help how to create a not on ronin wallet tnx

I search on youtube theres is possible to make html and css to clone it then use auto function using javascript?