Reward token system (babycake etc)

Hey, i'm looking for reward (dividend) contract systme, for distribute dividends to holders. Some percent of user buys for fix percent per time, for example.

I'm trying to find something like that, but all i find is pretty simple at nothing about what i really want.
LIke another example i find babycake contract.

I changed router address for testnet, swap dividend token from Cake to my own, create LP with token, with reward token, and pairs with BUSD and BNB, and nothing works.

its basic babycake, i cant proved my code from testnet coz he says ABI error. (same code, from remix, same optimization, yes, idk wtf they want, really)
I changed only router address, my dividend token address, and marketing in main contract and dividendpayingtoken contract.

address public constant CAKE = address(0x076108E75238D80c6671Db6E8dE2b723a35721C5);
address public _marketingWalletAddress = 0x470344cC2Bc2b5c9B4d8e1614A4A76c6B7590eb4;
IUniswapV2Router02 _uniswapV2Router = IUniswapV2Router02(0x9Ac64Cc6e4415144C455BD8E4837Fea55603e5c3);

Anyone can help me understood the logic of reward system?
Contract need to sell babycakes to buy BNB and after buy Cake for distrubute dividends?
As i see, contract auto create LP, but when i created then of pancake, he says im first creator.

:1234: Code to reproduce

:computer: Environment

0.6.12 with 200 runs of optimization.

When i deploy it with truffle, the same code from remix with get error:
"BABYCAKE" hit a require or revert statement somewhere in its constructor. Try:

  • Verifying that your constructor params satisfy all require conditions.
  • Adding reason strings to your require statements.


Did you end up figuring this out?

solved it with my native token.

Will u find any solution of this ?