Renounce ownership of a token on BSC

Hello can you help me to renounce ownership a token BSC


Hi! I think why you want to use the proxy pattern is that you want to ensure you can update the implementation later, if you do want to renounce ownership, the proxy pattern will not work.
If you just want to renounce ownership, maybe you can call changeAdmin to address(0xEeeeeEeeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEEEeeeeEeeeeeeeEEeE), lol, but be careful about this action!!!


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If you just mean renounce Ownable, then you can use:

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Hi, if you are still around, my question is the same, how to renounce ownership of token...before launch right? hehe

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I think it is up to your contract, If you contract is derived from openzeppelin-contracts/Ownable.sol, I think you can call the function renounceOwnership to renounce the ownership.
And generally speaking, the owner of the contract is a wallet account at early stage, cause maybe there are some configs to set, so it is convenient to just use a wallet account. And later, you can transfer ownership to a governance contract, it will be controlled by all token holders rather than only a wallet account.