Relayer - reverted transaction detection

Hi -- I recently had a transaction revert due to an issue with a deployed contract. The transaction indeed shows as failed on PolygonScan. The problem is my relayer says the transaction was confirmed -- so this failure wasn't detected on my backend system. Is this a mistake/bug, or are reverted transactions supposed to have a confirmed status?

I now have to make a second query via web3 to get the transaction status each time to ensure transactions actually did succeed. It would be useful to get this info directly from the defender client in any case.

Also discovered another issue. I have a tx that went through successfully yesterday. Mined, confirmed. All good. But the relayer has the status as "submitted".

Hey @zep! Confirmed means that the tx was mined and enough blocks have passed, but it is independent to whether the tx reverted or not, so this is expected behaviour. It's a good idea to add that information to the client, but until that's implemented, I'm afraid you'll need to do another request to check.

This is indeed an issue. Can you point me to the offending tx so I look into it?