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Relayer Queue not clearing. Changed the gas price cap setting to account for gas price congestion on Arbitrum.

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Relayer - Arbitrum One

Arbitrum one gas prices have soared. I had a cap at 3g which wasn't high enough for the recent increase in price and a queue of transactions started.

I changed the cap to 100g and the queue remains with transactions set for 3g.

How can easily contact the team to get these transactions pushed through?

Hey @amaurer-rise, apologies for the inconvenience.

We've identified the issue and it's related to how pricing works for rollups, and we already have a fix that's being released soon, however, I'd like to understand better your situation to see if we can resend the stuck transactions before clearing your relayer (sending NOOPs).

Can you share your relayerId so I can take a look to your queue?


Sounds good. Here's the ID (at least what I think it is)

That's the correct ID, thanks @amaurer-rise

I cleared your relayer (you'll see transactions go through) and released a hotfix that avoids rollups tx to stuck again in the future due to our repricing logic, however, setting a gasPriceCap and then removing it in the future may still cause some delay in similar circumstances since we increase the resubmission pace based on the number of attempts. This is expected behavior and in those cases is just needed to wait until prices go down again.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

Great, thank you for the quick response!

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