How to implement security standards for NFT (ERC721/ERC1155)?

We are working on implementation of security standards(like ERC 1400) for our NFT atrworks. Are there any security token which supports NFT? We can see that none has been cleared the community review.

A related question is, if we use ERC1155 and mint multiple quantities of our artwork, will it still be NFT? Basically, we are trying to achieve shared ownership of NFT based artwork.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @irshad,

I am not aware of a security token that supports NFT (that doesn’t mean that there isn’t one or more of these). I assume there will be other projects working on fractional ownership of NFTs.

You could mint a quantity greater than one of an ERC1155 token. Each token would be fungible. You could potentially use these for fractional ownership of an ERC1155. Alternatively you could have a contract hold a single ERC721 and that contract issue ERC20 tokens to represent fractional ownership. It really is up to you as long as you keep to the EIPs if you want ecosystem support.